Hillary Clinton: Why Leftists Love The Biggest Liar in Politics

Hillary Clinton is the biggest liar in politics, and that’s saying something, given her old boss.

Hillary Clinton is so good at lying, she actually believes that she doesn’t lie. “To thine self be true!” Not for Hillary!

One recent lie was when Hillary Clinton said to CNN moderator, Jake Tapper,

“I am already receiving messages from leaders, and I am having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump.”

Clinton then added she told them not to endorse her.

I’d like to see Hillary’s phone records, before I buy this. But I’d have about as much chance of getting her deleted emails or Obama’s Harvard transcipt, right!

Hillary went on to say that she said this to the world leaders:

“No, this is up to the Americans people, but thank you very much,”

Pressed for names, Hillary said she would keep them on her super secret server, and not divulge them. Clinton declined to name even one.

The interesting thing is that Hillary Clinton doesn’t even realize how bad a political move this was. That’s like a coach saying that the fans from the other team REALLY like him. The only reason fans from the other team like you is YOU’RE A LOSER!

Countries who have their best interest in mind would undoubtedly endorse the weakest link.

We will never know who supposedly spoke with Hillary Clinton, because NO world leader spoke with Hillary Clinton. Just like Hillary lied about taking sniper fire in Bosnia, answering the 3AM phone call from Benghazi, being dead broke, supporting women’s rights, protecting black people, and not extorting companies and countries through The Clinton Foundation.

Some political strategists believe she may have gotten the idea of using anonymous leaders from Secretary of State John Kerry, who used the same rationale for voting for him when he ran against President George W. Bush.  Unfortunately for Kerry, some reporters received information that no world leaders wanted to endorse the former Vietnam agitator and protester.

Said former police official and political consultant Gene Benedetto.

“I’d wouldn’t be surprised if those world leaders Hillary is talking about are from Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela and Cuba.”


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