This is How to Handle Disruptive Students

Today’s young adults don’t seem to have made the jump from children to the real world. They’ve been coddled from birth, and told that they are entitled to everything, including whatever stupid idea that pops into their heads.

If they act out, then society is supposed to do what you do for all kids throwing a tantrum: reward them for their bad behavior.

Unlike the University of Missouri, Ohio State University put on their big boy pants and reacted differently to the student disruption by yet another “woe is me” black group.

We are now at a point in America where we CHEER common sense handling of problems. These pretentious, coddled, entitled morons got exactly what they needed. A spanking!

Their choice was school or jail. These kids are not in college to protest every freaking thing that bothers them; they are there to learn. Go to class or go to jail! The taxpayers didn’t build universities for the whims of young, mostly empty minds.

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