How White People Can End Racism

There was a big brouhaha over a recent Gap commercial, whereby black race-baiters decided that the commercial was racist.

Their reason? In one of the graphics, blacktivists said that the little black girl was used a prop, since the bigger white girl has her elbow on the black girl, and the other white girls appear more “active” in the commercial.

What do I see?

I see a little black girl who has a job! A good job, where she is likely getting paid pretty well.

Further, she is building her resume for future work in an industry that pays well, and would empower her in many ways.

But Leftists see RACISM. That’s because Leftists LOOK for racism in everything.

GAP APOLOGIZES For “Offensive Image” After Blacktivists Use Social Media To Attack Ad…But Here’s DIRTY SECRET Race Agitators Aren’t Sharing

How much longer will it take America to tire of this constant diatribe of nonsense, where everything is racist according to black Leftists and their white Liberal enablers?

The ONLY way this stops is when white America stops accepting it. Anecdotal racism is not an excuse for black Liberals’ constant whining.

100PercentFedUp has an excellent analysis of this situation, and you can read more about this here.


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