Leftist Will Corrupt Anything

The intolerant Left has struck again, and this time it’s against Microsoft.

So what Microsoft’s owner is one of the world’s biggest Leftists, that doesn’t make him immune to attacks by other Leftists.

Microsoft’s first big mistake with the Twitter Bot was naming the thing “Tay.”

Tay is a street name for some black kid. Tay begin cyberlife as a black teen thug. As you will soon see, Tay was no suburban bot, growing up near Starbucks!

As reported in The Hindu,

Humans will be humans and the latest victim of humankind was Microsoft.

The company launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bot on Twitter, named Tay, for a playful chat with people, only to silence it within 24 hours as users started sharing racist and offensive comments with the bot.

Launched on Twitter as an experiment in “conversational understanding” and to engage people through “casual and playful conversation”, Tay was soon bombarded with racial comments and the innocent bot repeated those comments back with her commentary to users, TechCrunch reported on Friday.

Some of the tweets had Tay referring to Adolf Hitler, denying the Holocaust, supporting Donald Trump’s immigration plans, among others.

If you know anything about social media, you know that it’s dominated by Leftists. And these intolerant Leftists couldn’t wait to corrupt Tay. Tay was an artificial intelligence bot built by the Microsoft Technology and Research and Bing teams — was coded with information which can tell users jokes or offer up a comment on a picture you send her, or him, or whatever Tay “chose” to be.

The bot, which was designed to become smarter through conversation and learning to engage with people by conversing with them, was unveiled Wednesday. Within a day however, Twitter users (Liberals) had already corrupted the machine.

Tay quickly became a hater, and here is an example of one of the tweets:

Tay Tweets Microsoft

I have to tell you, I ain’t mad at Tay for expressing what many Americans feel about feminists.

Regardless, Microsoft took Tay out! He’s back to the lab for “reprogramming.” Lesson learned? I’m mad that in ONE DAY, Tay had three times more Twitter followers than I do.

Come on peeps: @TheBlackSphere


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