Like You Need Proof ObamaCare Sucks

This report from the “Ok, So You Already Know This” Department, but ObamaCare is an albatross.

Obama’s much ballyhooed national healthcare coverage is merely largess and welfare in the same tight package. Besides devastating the economy, ObamaCare has done absolutely nothing positive for healthcare. In fact, ObamaCare has hurt millions of Americans, and this is based on the government’s own numbers.

That’s right, the very government who told you that there was a recovery and that unemployment is below 5 percent, reports that 9 million Americans have LOST insurance under ObamaCare.

According to the Weekly Standard,

Indeed, based on the CBO’s own numbers, it seems possible that Obamacare has actually reduced the number of people with private health insurance. In 2013, the CBO projected that, without Obamacare, 186 million people would be covered by private health insurance in 2016—160 million on employer-based plans, 26 million on individually purchased plans. The CBO now says that, with Obamacare, 177 million people will be covered by private health insurance in 2016—155 million on employer-based plans, 12 million on plans bought through Obamacare’s government-run exchanges, and 9 million on other individually purchased plans (plus a rounding error of 1 million).

In other words, it would appear that a net 9 million people have lost their private health plans, thanks to Obamacare—with a net 5 million people having lost employer-based plans and a net 4 million people having lost individually purchased plans.

We can add ObamaCare to Obama’s legacy of

  • Massive increase in school shooting
  • Massive increase in crime in most cities in America
  • War on police
  • Massive increase in hate crimes and furthering the racial divide
  • Degrading of America’s military
  • Most embarrassing foreign policy EVER

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