State of America: The Lying Liberal Truth

I always chuckle when I hear a Leftist mention “common sense,” something they lack so much that merely having common sense makes a person a giant among midgets. Barack Obama always uses the phrase “common sense” when describing what he wants, for example common sense gun control.

Common sense gun control is keeping law-abiding citizens with guns, and bad guys from guns. But for Obama, common sense gun control is about taking guns from law-abiding citizens, and not enforcing the gun control laws on the books for the bad guys.

Common sense is very simple. It’s about truth. Raw, non-sugar-coated truth, and the truth is America is in trouble because of the lack of common sense.

Liberals have no common sense. They are undisciplined kids, and they have gone feral due to the lack of supervision. That’s OUR fault.

Do you let your kids run wild? Of course not, but you’ve allowed Liberals to do exactly that. It is these unrestrained, undisciplined children who have grown up to become the brain-dead zombies we’ve put in charge of our world.

Liberals beguiled far too many of us with their degrees from Ivy League schools, flaunting the caste system in education. They told us our educations were subpar to theirs and that they had higher intellect, and should therefore be in charge. They openly admit that they have established an unfair education system while preaching fairness.

These elitists cheat, yet encourage your moral virtue to not cheat. They give themselves and their children advantages, while convincing you that all children should get a participation trophy. While their kids learn the competitive and at times cutthroat ways of the real world, our children are lambs to the slaughter.

Liberal hypocrisies are endless. They put us in jail for a stock whisper, while they openly insider trade. They call companies built by capitalists, BIG, while government is bigger than the top 50 companies combined.

Liberals claim to care about the poor, as they create more of them, and widen the very economic gap they claim they wish to close.

Liberals say they are making for a more tolerant society, as they breed intolerance at all levels.

We live in a society where Leftist elites tell blacks that they are disadvantaged because of skin color, yet those very same people call YOU racists, though you judge only based on character.

You do right, you’re punished. You do wrong, you’re rewarded. Don’t believe me, look at Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton for starters.

You have a life of living off the public dole or raiding the treasury, and you can run for president.

The craziness of the ideas is astounding.

  • Social Security is considered a SAVIOUR to people
  • Immigration is distorted
  • Allowing killers in our midst is considered “humanitarian”
  • Black racism against whites is not just allowed, it’s encouraged
  • Academia is a breeding ground for all the ills of America;
  • Poverty is acceptable, and it’s not what it used to be.
  • Cops are the bad guys, and Civil Rights movements are built around thugs
  • Military doesn’t fight, it teaches tolerance
  • Capitalists don’t create jobs

Do I really need to go on?

Liberals forge numbers, statistics, building lie upon lie, all to remain in power. Obama hasn’t reported any true data since his presidency. Jobs creation figures are lies. Unemployment numbers are lies. The GDP is a lie, as are all other economic indicators. The stock market is propped up by the printing of trillions of dollars, and inflation is under-reported.

Practically everything this current government stands for is antithetical to OUR thinking, antithetical to SANITY, and yet they flourish.

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