Man Sues Politicians Ushering Terrorists Into America

Brian Bilbro is suing Governor Nikki Haley , the South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS), Lutheran Services and World Relief of Spartanburg, and the State Refugee Resettlement Agencies over the settlement of refugees in his state. Bilbro seeks to stop the State 2016 Refugee Resettlement Plan due to imminent risks to he and his family, personally and economically.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Leftist organization desires to represent Lutheran Services. They don’t care about the fears of Brian Bilbro, a taxpaying citizen of America by way of South Carolina.

The SPLC claims to be an organization that monitors hate groups, and seeks justice for the most vulnerable members of society, yet it demonizes anyone who dares bring to light issues like the Islamic movement in our country.

The charitable organizations involved in refugee resettlement are  Volunteer Agencies, otherwise known as VOLAGS, who claim multi-million dollar revenues. Most of the VOLAGS are religiously affiliated, such as the aforementioned Lutheran Services. But, the church-related charity whom the SPLC would be representing has nothing to do with Christianity or teaching about the love of Jesus when it comes to resettlement.

Lutheran Immigration Services is all about settling refugees into communities all over the country for federal money. In fact, Lutheran services is paid by head count. Every refugee planted into a community means dollars to them. Since federal monies are involved, they are prohibited from sharing the gospel with the refugees.

Lauren Martel, Bilbro’s attorney, asked  Anne Richards, Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration about the Federal grant money that the VOLAGS receive, and if it would have an affect on their ability to proselytize. Her answer,

“It’s true, it’s true. We expect our partners will not proselytize and also that they will accept LGBT refugees and treat them with the same respect.”

The vision of the Lutheran Immigration Services is:

“All migrants and refugees are protected, embraced and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities.”

Yep. Including those who want to cut off Americans’ heads.

It seems like there are many in South Carolina that aren’t that open to accepting refugees that cannot be vetted, nor should they be. The sticking points of the plaintiff are simple:our top national security leaders have stated the refugees cannot be vetted properly, especially the ones coming from countries who sponsor terrorism. A matter of fact that even Governor Haley once agreed, as she stated in a letter to Secretary of State Kerry in November:

“…there remain gaps in available intelligence for those fleeing Syria. This lack of historical and verifiable intelligence with many Syrian refuges makes it difficult, if not impossible, to thoroughly vet individuals seeking to enter the United States as a refugee. Therefore, until I can be assured that all potential refugees from Syria have no ties to terrorist organizations, I am requesting that the State Department not resettle any Syrian refugees in South Carolina.”

She then continued that she would take measures to ensure the safety of South Carolinians if that were to be the case. Apparently, she changed her mind, because in December of 2015, several Syrian refugees were settled in Midlands, South Carolina by Lutheran services.

This brings up the question of accountability and tracking. Who is responsible for these refugees after the VOLAG is out of the picture? If just one out of one hundred refugees commit act of terrorisms on our soil, who is to receive the blame? Remember it only took 19 terrorists to inflict more casualties than Pearl Harbor.

No matter the intentions of our governors or congressmen, they can’t seem to stop the onslaught of refugee Resettlement. Until they are held personally accountable for simply writing letters and then rolling over in submission when that doesn’t work, nothing will change.

The American citizen deserves to be protected from enemies both foreign and domestic. We have members of ISIS within our country. There are also  members of the terrorist organization claiming to infiltrate the refugee ranks and promising attacks within our country within the year. The duty of protecting the citizens of this country from foreign threats lies with those elected officials charged with upholding the Constitution.

Brian Bilbro gets it, and so does his legal counsel, Lauren Martel. It is plain to the well-informed American what is happening here. It is clear who the courageous ones are in this scenario, and it isn’t Governor Haley or The Southern Poverty Law Center. They both are failing to stand up for the people who are being pushed around by this over-reaching federal government who intends to place its citizens in harms way by threatening their personal security, as well as their economic security through an ill-considered refugee resettlement program.

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