Meet China’s Donald Trump

Donald Trump has to know this guy, despite what Trump says about China.

Ren Zhiqiang is most certainly Donald Trump’s Chinese brother from another mother.

Just listen to what BBC reported about him:

A post by a Chinese property mogul who’s fond of verbal sparring caused a heated debate about the country’s political system under the hashtag “We are successors of communism”.

Ren Zhiqiang doesn’t shy away from a verbal battle. A famous property developer, Ren is unapologetic about the way soaring housing prices in China’s big cities affect others. When one of his detractors chucked a pair of shoes at him during a speech, he joked that the protester was probably someone who couldn’t afford the down payment on a house.

Is that not something The Donald would say or what?!

It’s no wonder that Ren, the former chairman of the Hua Yuan Property Company, has been compared to The Donald, even more irony being that Ren is a real-estate mogul as well.

In China he’s nicknamed “Cannon” for his outspokenness. And like Donald Trump, Ren uses his social media footprint to step on the necks of his detractors. The social media warrior has over 33 million followers on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. Not that anybody is comparing, but Trump has 7.1 million, which anybody who knows Trump he would quickly adjust to the populations of China versus America and declare himself the social media winner.

Ren is an outspoken critic of the Chinese government. As the article continues,

So when one of his recent posts criticised the youth wing of the ruling Communist Party, it started a huge debate about the past and future of the country’s politics.

“We’ve been deceived by these slogans for years,” Ren wrote, responding to a patriotic message posted by the Communist Youth League on Monday which declared: “We are the successors of communism.”

I fully expect to see Trump and Ren getting together somewhere around the world together to talk politics. I’d actually like to see that.

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