Hillary Clinton’s “Vagenda” Hurting Women

Conservative men are all about our ladies. We respect women, which is why most of us can’t stand feminists.

Feminists are NOT women, but some sub-species of beast, spawned by demons. Feminists are in fact anti-women.

Something else you may not know about feminists is they are the reason for most of America’s ills. Feminists breed with sissy metrosexual men, and they give birth to Liberals.

Feminists hate their femininity which is their only real power. They squander that power, by trying to be more like the very thing they despise the most: men. And they suck at being men.

Men don’t complain about salaries. They negotiate their salaries, then live with the consequences. There are fields where women earn more than women, but men don’t complain.

Feminism has become a political movement. And not because America isn’t great for women, but because America won’t bend to the almighty feminist “vagenda.”

But feminism has its costs, and Hillary Clinton is about to have to pay the debt. As the Observer notes:

Say what you want about the Republican’s “women problem,” but Democrats have their own gender problem—and it’s bigger.

In every single primary this election cycle for which there are exit polls, more women than men have cast their votes for the Democratic nominee—and the gender gap appears to be getting wider. In all three of the primary states that voted Tuesday for which there are exit polls—Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania—Democrats had a gender gap of 20-points or larger.

The largest I found was in Mississippi, where Democrats had a gender gap of nearly 30 points.

And while Hillary Clinton wins women (except for in states where she loses handily to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders), she’s not always winning men and not winning them by as large margins. In two of the three states that voted Tuesday night for which there are exit polls—Connecticut and Pennsylvania—Ms. Clinton won over women but lost the men.

In Connecticut, Ms. Clinton won 57 percent of female voters (she also won the state). But Mr. Sanders won 55 percent of the male vote. In Pennsylvania, Ms. Clinton won 60 percent of women but, again, Mr. Sanders won men. Mr. Sanders carried 50 percent of the men’s vote in the Keystone State, with Ms. Clinton taking 49 percent (a closer split, but still telling).

The disconnect in the Democratic Party among male voters—especially white male voters—has been well documented. But as media outlets and Democrats love to focus on the gender gap among Republicans that favors men, they ignore the massive gender gap on the Democratic Party that favors women. It’s due in large part these days to the Party’s consistent pandering to women and minorities while ignoring white men.

Hillary Clinton may carry the “Vagina Vote” of the bearded class, but there are a lot of women who detest that shrew.

As the article suggests, the Republicans’ pandering to women and minorities is the reason for the popularity of Donald Trump.

Working-class men have seen their jobs disappearing and their issues being ignored or forced to take a backseat to the issues of others—and if they complain they’re accused of racism, sexism and white male privilege.

In other words, men have tired of being disrespected. I  know I have.

I have helped raise four sons, never once shirking my responsibilities. Not having my biological father certainly made me a better one, and I won’t be told that I’m hurting women, when I have taken care of more than my fair share.

Real women–not the Sasquatch-DNA feminists—know that life is great in America. If not for the hairy-underarm crowd, the average American woman would consider this country Utopia, particularly in comparison to the alternatives scumbag countries where women are treated like crap.

I think if Conservatives remind men that we are just as significant as the Leftists, we will find ourselves with a healthy win in November, no matter which guy the Left settles on.


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