DOJ: New PC Term for “Convicted Criminal”

The Left continually tries to soften the blow when it comes to their stupid antics. They produce terms like “open marriage” to explain adultery, or “undocumented” to explain illegals living in America.

They won’t call terrorists, “terrorists,” and they call robbing taxpaying citizens, “investments.”

So it should come as no surprise that the Department of Justice is no longer referring to criminals convicted of crimes as “convicted criminals,” preferring instead to coin the new phrase, “justice involved.”

The rationale for the change is that the DOJ believes using the term “convicted criminal,” makes it difficult for a convicted criminal to get a job. I know it’s difficult to believe that people frown upon hiring convicted criminals. And in a bit of twisted irony, not hiring convicted criminals tends to produce to an environment whereby people avoid becoming convicted criminals.

Yet $1.75 million of your dollars are being spent to the Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program, which will be directed to the name change, along with various social programs aimed at helping the “justice involved.”

The funds are earmarked to help these young “justice involved” types to get their educations and even employment without the stigma of their “justice involvement,” including the potential to expunge or seal their records.

As Attorney General Loretta Lynch put it:

The future of our nation depends upon the future of our young people – including young people who have become involved with our justice system. By helping justice-involved youth find decent jobs and stable housing after they return home, these critical grants provide a foundation for a fresh start and offer a path towards productivity and purpose. In the months ahead, the Department of Justice will continue helping justice-involved youth enrich their lives and improve our country.

I’m all for second chances, but you can provide these chances and protect the public at large simultaneously. Would you want to hire a convicted rapist to work at your company without knowing it? Or what about an armed robber? A murderer? All without knowing their crimes?

The Fed has programs where released criminals go to work, but these programs are not successful because the government is involved. Fund the private sector to solve this problem, and it will be solved within a decade. But renaming convicted criminals is not the answer.


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