NY Governor: Ban Conservatives

Is it too much to ask to pee in peace?

I’m truly sick of the Liberal a-holes who trounce on the rights of Conservatives, as they gleefully promote the rights of those who measure themselves by their sexuality.

It is the height of hypocrisy, that a group of people who wrongly use their God-given body parts want special rights for doing so.

And here we have the reaction of the idiotic Left, all too ready to throw Christians in the fiery pit of hell reserved for Democrats!

New York’s Democratic governor banned state travel to North Carolina this week, citing its residents’ supposed lack of equal protection under the law, weeks after he announced efforts to facilitate travel from New York to Cuba, which is ruled by a repressive communist dictatorship that routinely imprisons political dissenters.

“In New York, we believe that all people—regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation—deserve the same rights and protections under the law,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo in announcing a ban on “non-essential” state travel to North Carolina.

The move came in response to a new North Carolina law that restricts gendered restrooms to people of their respective biological sexes.

Essentially government says to people, you will comply with “group-think” or else. Personally, I don’t want to watch women use the bathroom. In fact, despite many relationships with the opposite sex, it’s rare that I’m in there while any of them “did their business.”

Just how much does society have to bend to the will of people’s genitalia?!

Here’s something you can bet the farm on. If bathroom were unisex to begin with, there would be an outcry for society to GIVE WOMEN THEIR OWN BATHROOMS!

You’d hear Hillary Clinton campaign for Women’s Rights to Privacy, and so on. Tranny’s would DEMAND that they could use the bathroom of their OWN genitalia.

Leftists are the biggest whiners on the planet, making a sport of looking for sh*t to be mad about.

As for Cuomo, here’s further irony from the article:

New York will no longer sponsor official travel to North Carolina, but Cuomo himself has recently undertaken official travel to Cuba, and teamed up with JetBlue airlines to encourage travel to the island nation, where the government has imprisoned and tortured transgender people.

I welcome women to join men in the bathroom, so they too can avoid the “piss puddles” left by their Progressive brethren and “sisteren” of all ilks, as they stand at the trough of manhood or womanhood, or whateverhood the freaks decide to call it.



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