What Politicians Hate About The Trump Movement

The events that end up being called “movements” start in the most offbeat ways. The Tea Party was engendered as the result of a rant by CNBC Commentator Rick Santelli. He complained about the Obama administration’s plan to make mortgage payers bail out clients unable to make their mortgage payments. The Tea Party was born that day.

Instantly, a vehicle for the simmering anger simmering among Conservative Americans boiled to the surface, only to be reinforced by ObamaCare, and a president playing fast and loose with the Constitution. The abominations continued as an out of control IRS targeted Conservative groups.

The result was a 2010 referendum against Obama, Liberalism, big government, the establishment, and did I mention Liberalism?

Today even more anger has emerged, and it’s a new set of issues, issues finally being raised by Donald Trump. Trump is brash, he is in-your-face, and he is unapologetically politically incorrect. He says what many of those angry people are thinking. He doesn’t put up with interruptions from groups like Black Lives Matter at his rallies, and love him or hate him, he has given a voice to many who have not felt like they have had a life in the past seven plus years.

Conservatives have been called racists in the last seven years more than they have in their entire lives. They know they are the backbone of American society, the heart and soul as well. Yet this racist president and his minions have managed to make Conservatives the bad guys, boogeymen, and other naer-do-well.

Trump is a salve, a warm blanket around their tired souls.

Donald Trump may or may not become the 45th president of the United States, but one thing is certain. What he has been instrumental in starting will not go away. It might very well be called Tea Party 2.0, as it certainly has inspired a new generation of Conservative. These Conservatives will not sit idly by on issues like illegals and protecting our borders. Nor will they allow the Muslim horde to bring death and devastation to America.

Finally, millions of Americans have found their voice.

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