Racism Has Finally Hit the Medical Field

Racism has reared its ugly head again, and we will have to see how ObamaCare will handle it.

As it turns out, blacks and whites don’t get the same treatment in medicine, at least not according to what was reported by the Washington Post.

African Americans are routinely under-treated for their pain compared with whites, according to research. A study released Monday sheds some disturbing light on why that might be the case.

Researchers at the University of Virginia quizzed white medical students and residents to see how many believed inaccurate and at times “fantastical” differences about the two races — for example, that blacks have less sensitive nerve endings than whites or that black people’s blood coagulates more quickly. They found that fully half thought at least one of the false statements presented was possibly, probably or definitely true.

Moreover, those who held false beliefs often rated black patients’ pain as lower than that of white patients and made less appropriate recommendations about how they should be treated.

It was only a matter of time before Leftism turned its ugly head on medicine, and uncovered the devious nature of healthcare. It’s not enough that many black didn’t receive healthcare, but now we get mistreatment, too.

If only there were “black” hospitals like “black” schools, then we could likely compare, huh? It seems these days black Liberals want everything black, so why not add hospitals to the mix? If you think veterans get crappy treatment, just wait until black Liberals are taking care of black patients.

I can hear Billy Joel singing it now: “Only the black die young.

Maybe now black Liberals will take their focus off the police, and start looking at how many blacks are killed by white doctors.

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