Black Woman TRIGGERED by White Man’s Hair

The Left are racists, and it doesn’t matter what color they are. To be Leftist is to be a racist; it’s really that simple.

The Left are either white racists, who treat blacks like babies, ergo enabling black Leftists’ racism.

Recall the black student who called out the young white man for wearing dreads?

Early in April, Tindle used Facebook to address the controversy, where she explained that she was “triggered” by seeing “White male” Goldstein wearing dreadlocks.

Tindle continued,

“My intention was to collegially provoke thought within the man to critically think about his dreads and the racial implications it has as a non-Black person.”

Then her claims get even wilder, as she contends that the video misrepresented her sentiments because it was recorded and edited by a “White male”:

What was recorded was chopped and edited by the White male who captured part of the event on his cell phone. The White male student’s motivation is suspect in that it does not come as an objective point of view, by his own divisive word choice of ‘assault’ (in the title of the video when posted), in order to incite controversy by framing me as the stereotype of the ‘Angry Black Woman’ and the man in the video as a fragile white victim. He selectively edits only a portion of the encounter that contrives to cast an impression of unprovoked aggression on my part.

The video was presented in its entirety, uncut, but that doesn’t stop Tindle from pulling the race card. Apparently video records in different ways for different ethnicities?

Instead of minding her own business, and leaving the young white man alone, Tindle decided, according to her, to make the white man’s hairstyle a teachable moment. Her words were that she “intended to be a learned [sic] opportunity.”

She added,

“The male had the opportunity to try to explain to me how I should think about my space and existence as a Black person. He dismissed any consideration that I was making a valid point about White appropriation of Black culture,”

And as with all ignorant racist bullies, Tindle decided to become the victim.

She claims that in response to the video, she has had to move out of her home due to death threats and rape threats.

“There is a history of vilifying black women, there exists the stereotypical narrative of an angry black woman through out history. There is a reason that this particular video garnered millions of views. A black woman is portrayed as the aggressor and the white counterpart is portrayed as the victim.”

America is far past time to address these racists head on.

She had NO right to question that young man’s hairstyle or anything else. Just the idea that she thinks she can shows how bad things have gotten in America when it comes to race.

There was no outcry from the Left of the many violations of that young man’s rights, because it’s not politically correct to confront ignorant black racists about their behaviors. This black woman is at a university to learn. It’s a multi-cultural environment, which is a testament to America, and she decides to provide a “learned opportunity” to a guy minding his own business. He didn’t bother her in any way, but that doesn’t matter. It was his whiteness that bothered her.

Blacks like Tindle have become trained attack dogs, seeing racism where none exists. As I wrote at the time, could she not consider a white man wearing what she deemed a “black hairstyle” a tribute to blacks? I guess she hasn’t been trained to look for the good.


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