San Francisco Police Department: The New Ferguson?

You have to wonder where the problem lies, when in the heart of Liberalism, namely San Franfrickincisco, cops are racists!

Haven’t they gotten the memo?

Do they not know that black people are not criminals, illegal Mexicans have sanctuary, and white people can be shot on sight?

Yet, we have racism in the ranks of SFPD!?

In the state that has a governor nicknamed “Moonbeam,” and in the city that gave America men with dog collars, we find out that cops will be cops.

As Fox News reports,

San Francisco’s police chief said Friday that he has ordered that all officers finish an anti-harassment class within the next month amid a racist texting scandal that has rocked the department already dogged by fatal shootings of unarmed minority suspects.

Flanked by religious and minority community leaders at a San Francisco press conference, Chief Greg Suhr also released more transcripts of racist and homophobic text messages first made available to The Associated Press along with inflammatory and inappropriate images found on former officers’ cellphones.

This is what happens when black people and other minorities are not in charge of police; you get rampant racism, right?

Maybe not?

It’s the second texting scandal since 2014 in a department that is attempting to diversify its officers to reflect the San Francisco culture and population. The department of 2,100 was led by an Asian-American woman and a black man before Suhr took over five years ago.

SFPD just needs more diversity, as diversity is the answer to everything, isn’t it?

If we can just get the numbers right, then everything will fall into place. Or will it?

About half the officers are white, roughly reflecting the white population in San Francisco. Asians make up a third of the city population, but account for about 16 percent of the officers. Close to 9 percent of its officers are black, exceeding a city population of 6 percent.

Oh I see the problem. There are not enough Asian officers, and too many black officers. Now there’s a quandary for the Left: which minority group do they pummel. Oh wait, it’s simple. BOTH!

What this situation showcases is that cops see the REAL America. They know who commits crimes, and no matter your color, you will call criminals what they are. Black officers are hardest on black people, because they have to go home shaking their damn heads over what they see daily. The level of crime and abject ignorance of black Liberals committing the crimes, mostly against other blacks.

What the Left wants the narrative to be here is, “Racism┬ácan happen EVERYWHERE, if it can happen in the most tolerant city in the world!”


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