Sharpton Race Hustling Again

Sharpton is a tick, constantly looking for a new host. The new host is always somebody who thinks Sharpton is a savior, when in fact, Sharpton is about to suck them dry.

Sharpton alluded on The Kelly File recently that he has abandoned Ferguson, since he had pretty much milked that cow dry.

So what up for the charlatan scourge of the black community? According to Amsterdam News, it’s the Tillman family

Rev. Al Sharpton is hosting the family of George Tillman and honoring the legacy of late superstar Prince during his weekly rally.

Tillman was fatally shot by NYPD officers on Sunday in Ozone Park, Queens. Reports indicate that he was allegedly holding an open alcohol container when officers approached him. Tillman had a gun on his waistband and allegedly ran as they approached him. Police say he reached for the weapon before officers opened fire shooting Tillman in the chest. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Medical Center.

As with Darren Wilson, the police officer who was exonerated in Ferguson, Missouri, it will be found that these NYPD officers did their job to the letter of the law. But don’t think that will stop Sharpton from trying to butter the bread he stole from Ferguson.

Tillman was drinking in public. When confronted by police who noticed his weapon, Tillman took off running. For Liberals reading this article, I should explain that innocent people usually don’t run.

If you want to get shot by a cop, when approached, run. The reason people running are shot is the police (1) know you’re guilty of something, and (2) they can no longer see your hands.

So if you do decide to run from the cops, be sure they can not only see “assholes and elbows,” but that they can CLEARLY see your hands. And make sure your hands do not cross your body out of their view, or you will feel the pain of hot lead, and rightfully so.

For Sharpton, Tillman’s rightful death has nothing to do with race pimping. For Sharpton, this is a game.

Sharpton will be joined by Tillman’s wife, mother, sister, stepfather, uncle and entire family, along with Erica Ford, CEO of LIFE Camp, Inc. who has stood by the family, Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman, Congressman Gregory Meeks and State Senator James Sanders.

But it gets worse.

Sharpton realized that Tillman’s death will not garner the type of media attention he needs. So he has decided to convolute his event with a tribute to Prince. As if Sharpton has any tie to Prince? This man has no depths to which he will sink to promote his nonsense.



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