Muslim Taken Off Plane Wants Apology

It’s about time Muslims start being just a bit more sensitive to Americans. Has anybody even asked them to consider our feelings?

Muslims are terrorizing Americans, threatening us routinely with videos made from caves and elsewhere. And if that’s not enough, they actually followed through with their threats, bombing the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, and many other isolated acts of terrorism.

So there is a very good reason that non-Muslim Americas are just a bit touchy, when we hear people talking in Arabic when ON A PLANE!

Yet here again it’s Americans who are insensitive, xenophobic, intolerant, and Islamophobic when a teen decides to end his conversation ON A PLANE with “‘insha’Allah insha’Allah (God willing), as reported by CNN.

One day, Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was proudly asking the U.N. secretary-general a question. The next, he was booted from a Southwest flight and questioned by the FBI.

For the 26-year-old student at University of California, Berkeley, it was a shocking turn.

Now he’s pushing for an apology from the airline and spreading the word about what happened, which he calls a clear case of Islamaphobia.

It all started, according to Makhzoomi, after he decided to call his uncle in Baghdad after getting on the plane. While he waited for takeoff on his flight from Los Angeles to Oakland, California, they chatted in Arabic about an event he’d been excited to attend the day before: a dinner with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“I just called him and talked to him about it and everything, and he told me (to) call him when I get to Oakland, and I said, ‘insha’Allah insha’Allah (God willing), I will call you when I arrive.’ And during the conversation a lady was staring at me,” Makhzoomi said.

Southwest Airlines owes this man nothing. They did the right thing. You’re in America, so speak English. For those of you thinking, “Kevin, maybe his uncle didn’t speak English?” I will bet you donuts to dog turds that he does. Further, everybody knows how to say “Bye” without it sounding like the terrorist battle cry.


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