Supposedly More on Cruz Pending from Enquirer

As most people know by now, the National Enquirer published a story last week accusing Texas Senator Ted Cruz of multiple extramarital affairs, yet nothing materialized.

I have to say that in today’s Leftist and far more salacious media, I would have expected to see something by now. I realize that the media likes to drag things out a bit, but once the blood is in the water, we should see the feeding frenzy.

At the time of the National Enquirer release there was reports of an cheating compilation video. That never materialized either.

Ted Cruz wears his Christianity on his sleeve, and can come off sanctimonious at times, so a sex scandal would surely ruin him. He would be insane to have this type of scandal, given his persona, though I often remind people that Christians are just as fallible as Leftist heathens, we are just accountable and ultimately redeemable. Leftists are not.

Cruz has repeatedly denied the rumors, and blamed Trump for the rumors. Regardless of who is to blame, the National Enquirer is not letting up.

According to Radar Online:

Radar has learned The National ENQUIRER will this week report its findings of yet another exhaustive and investigative probe that will quote journalist detectives who claim the mystery candidate almost certainly “has to be Cruz.”

Investigator Wayne Madsen, who was on a team of reporters hired by Hustler Magazine’s boisterous owner Larry Flynt to investigate the madam, told The ENQUIRER that Cruz should be concerned!

“If Montgomery Sibley has what he says he has, it has to be Cruz,” he said in an interview — an advance copy of which was provided to Radar.


So there is no conclusive evidence, just more National Enquirer rumors and innuendo that sells papers. Don’t think the Left would allow Cruz to use the “it’s my private life” in any way, whether he did anything or not, because that double-standard is reserved for lying cheating Leftists.

I haven’t endorsed a candidate, and as I did in speaking out about Trump NOT being a racist, I say this of Cruz. The one way to hurt him is to challenge his Christianity. The rumors about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were endless, but there was no coverage of their sex lives. This is likely dirty tricks by the Left, and I guess we will know a bit more shortly.

H/T The Gateway Pundit


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