Teacher Knocks Down Autistic Student

With all the video surveillance around, you’d think that people would be on their best behavior.

But then you must remember the world is full of Liberals, many of whom work in wackademia.

There is NO doubt this witch saw this special needs kid, as her fat ass rounds the coke machine, yet she knees the kid to the ground.

Then, in an effort to appear compassionate, she picks the child up as if she made a mistake. This is EXACTLY how Liberals operate. They knock you down, then appear to help you up.

This wench should be fired, and we will try to find out what happened, and if we can help the school get rid of her.

Ask yourself what you would do if you saw this happen to YOUR child?

A bit of irony can be seen, if you look at the big “Welcome” posted on the right!

Welcome to HELL!


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