When Transgender Street Workers Attack

Here is a story surely to get the LGBT community fighting for the rights of Westerners…NOT!

According to the New York Post, transsexuals in Thailand are attacking Westerners.

Thai transgender women are embroiled in a running battle with police after a spate of attacks and robberies of Western tourists.

A German tourist was the latest visitor to feel the wrath of the sex workers when he was clubbed around the head with a rock and had his money and valuables stolen in the party town of Pattaya, south of Bangkok.

Lutz Mohler told police he had been attacked when he refused the advances of a group of the transgender sex workers, adding: “When I refused, they hit me with a rock and rode off on a motorbike.”

The way things are headed, pretty soon it will be considered a hate crime not to accept the advances of a tranny prostitute. So what you weren’t looking for a prostitute at all. If a tranny prostitute approaches you, get ready to give the reach-around.

This poor guy was left with a broken nose and a doctor’s bill, since Thailand doesn’t accept ObamaCare.

For those of you who want to believe this was an isolated incident, think again. According to Thai police, this attack was just the latest in a string of vicious assaults, as the transgender women increasingly target Westerners visiting the Southeast Asian country.

And why shouldn’t they target Americans, when Americans have been “wussified” to the point of submission. These Thai trannies certainly won’t attack Russian men.


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