Trump About to Really Get Tested

When Donald Trump doesn’t know something, he fakes it. Then when it’s obvious he’s wrong, he retracts, and follows up with how well he will know it…soon.

What I just said might anger some Trumpians, but that’s how it is, whether they like it or not.

Trump would be better off saying, “I’m not up to speed on that just yet, but let’s circle back in a week,” or something like this. But he won’t admit to simply not knowing, as he did when Hugh Hewitt asked him of the Quds.

I recently wrote a piece on Why Cruz Will Likely Win the GOP Nomination, and unless things change, I will be right. As CBS News reported,

Trump’s theory for his presidency is now being tested in his campaign. He is in the middle of an unfamiliar delegate process he has to learn about very quickly. So far, he has prevailed over political veterans in the first arena of competition. He has proven nearly every pundit wrong. ” So, let’s not get carried away with we don’t know what we’re doing,” Trump told me. But now he is being outmaneuvered in the delegate selection stage, the painstaking and arduous task of tending to the delegate selection process in all fifty states. Ted Cruz has bested Trump in Louisiana, Colorado and Indiana by learning the process and making sure that it’s his people who go to the Cleveland convention. If it’s an open convention, those delegates, even if they are bound to Donald Trump on the first ballot, are likely to vote for Cruz or someone not named Donald Trump on future ballots.

Trump and his team did not see this coming. He is struggling to catch up. He has brought in veteran Washington strategist and lobbyist Paul Manafort to help with his convention strategy and the delegate management required before Republicans even gather in Cleveland. Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone is working another angle, announcing that he will publish the hotel locations and room numbers of delegates who are pledged to Trump but don’t continue to vote for him after the first ballot.

What we are witnessing in the political process at this moment is Trump pretending to be an expert, when he is not. Trump is not an expert at the business of politics. He’s been lucky to be the leader.

Currently Trump has a 200+ delegate lead over Cruz, but that gap will close by 100 soon, based on what Cruz is doing in a few small states, and his work with uncommitted delegates. The Cruz campaign is in a word, “surgical.” They are precise. BTW this is exactly the precision one will need to beat the Democrats, so I’m happy to see somebody take the process seriously, and I predict this will become more of a reason people begin leaving the Trump camp and joining the Cruz camp.

Take New York, for example. Cruz’s strategy in New York will be to keep Trump under 50 percent, and he will use Kasich, the RNC remnants, and some strategic campaigning to most likely make that happen. Trump must build a firewall in New York, and hope that his efforts are not too little too late.

Is Trump finally finally getting it?

Some say yes, though his new surrogates are still doing little more than threatening and complaining. However, they may decide to actually just start working harder…training. As I have said, “Steel sharpens steel,” so I’m happy to see two people putting in the infrastructure to win now, as one of them will have to do it again.

Trump can’t be considered a dragonslayer, and act like a damsel in distress. Trumpians want a warrior, and Trump’s complaints about “the system” is incredulous. When the system works for Trump, as it did in Florida for example, he doesn’t complain. But when he loses, it’s a conspiracy.

Winning is fun, losing is not. It’s that simple. The way you stop losing is by…here it comes…WINNING!

Cruz is currently winning. And if Trump keeps complaining, Cruz will continue winning, until he’s won the nomination.




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