White Guy Pulls Black Race Card

In the time of Dolezal, why shouldn’t we expect more of this.

Pretty soon white people won’t have to fake being black or rely on black relatives, as they will just be able to pull their own race card. For now however, whites have to use more creativity, as reported by USA Today:

A former schools security officer contends in a lawsuit that he was wrongfully terminated because his boss took umbrage that he is married to a black woman.

The lawsuit was filed last week on behalf of John Smelser against the Knox County school board and Knox County government over his termination in May 2015. The lawsuit alleges Gus Paidousis, chief of school security, fired Smelser, who is white, after learning Smelser was married to a black woman with whom he has two children.

The lawsuit seeks $250,000 in compensatory damages and a “mandatory order requiring defendants to abide by the laws that prohibit race discrimination and ordering the appropriate employees involved in the acts of race discrimination to receive appropriate training.”

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And how do we know his boss “took umbrage?” Is there undercover video? No, there is just hearsay from others. The dog whistle of racism have morphed, mutated, as you can tell from more details of the story.

Smelser was hired in September 2014 and assigned to work security at Shannondale Elementary School. According to court records, Smelser also helped train police cadets.

In April 2015, Smelser was charged with domestic assault in connection with an incident at his home involving his stepdaughter’s boyfriend, the lawsuit stated. Smelser was off duty but placed on paid leave from his job pending the outcome of the case. On May 18, 2015, the charge was dropped. But when Smelser returned to work, the lawsuit alleged Paidousis “refused to speak to” him. The next day, Smelser received a letter dated May 15, 2015, from the school superintendent that stated, “It has been determined that your services are no longer needed.” It did not list a reason. The envelope bore a May 18, 2015, postmark.

So Smelser thumps on his stepdaughter’s boyfriend, like catching him in the sack with the girl, perhaps. As a father of four sons, I can thankfully only guess at what riled old boy up. I’m shocked that more fathers of girls are not in prison for doing heinous things to “boyfriends,” except that they remember what they themselves once were.Regardless, this day in time, you can’t brace a young man up.

Anyway, Smelser abused the kid in some way and he got in trouble. By today’s standards, just the kid believing he was being threatened real or not is enough to get a person fired for being a hothead. Companies are leery to employ hotheads, because of the potential liability. They don’t want guys like Smelser to come into work and blast everybody with a Joe Biden-approved shotgun. It’s  just too risky.

Smelser likely knows this, so the only card he has is an unlikely one. He pulled the Bill “I’m married to a black woman, so I can say CP time” De Blasio race card.

Smelser threw his old lady under the bus. “It’s the BLACK WOMAN’S FAULT I was fired!”

Where is Hillary Clinton’s War on Women when Smelser’s wife needs support!? Apparently Hillary’s War on Women is only for white women, and it’s having a cocktail at the country club, of course served by somebody black.

Something tells me this excuse won’t work, but we will keep you posted.


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