Pulp Fiction: Why Cruz Will Win Part I

I began writing this article back in January of this year, and I sat on it. Why? Because Trump kept astounding me. I felt that my ideas around this was correct, but then Trump would get a surge after saying something silly. I was literally dumbfounded.

Now I fancy myself as having a bit of a Pulp Fiction story, as I have published “Why Cruz Will Likely Win,” that I wrote in April, a full three months later. Below is what I wrote in Jan:

A month or so ago, Ted Cruz was barely mentioned in the media. His status in the race for president was an “also-ran,” much like it was for many who have now abandoned their pursuit of the office of the president.

I predicted months ago that Cruz would surge. I said he’s running the smartest campaign by far, though Trump was soaking up the media spotlight.

Well now Cruz is a close second in earned media to Trump, and it’s Trump’s fault. I suspect Cruz was ready for it.

At some point in a fight, you will have to fight the people you’re friendly with. All the candidates have known this. Trump chose to humiliate Rand Paul. He’s bannished to the hitherlands. Then Fiorina, she’s all but gone. Then he attacked Ben Carson; essentially same trajectory as the other.

But Trump finally attacked somebody who knows how to fight. So now Trump finds himself with the “look”. That’s the look of a person who thought he could win a fight he picked, but then realized “Oh sh*t, I’m about to get my butt kicked!”

Up to this point, the media has been happy to see Trump bumble along. At first, they attacked him for going after their sacred cows of immigration, then Muslims, then Bill Clinton. But after a while, they realized that Trump is actually the most abrasive, and least polished candidate. Trump is squishy in every way, with hardly an issue he hasn’t flip-flopped on over the years. Who finds their Conservatism at 70+ years old? I knew I was a Conservative by the age of 8. And most Conservatives I know are firmly there by the time they are 40. You don’t have to go that far back to see Liberal Trump in action.

Recently Trump floated Palin as VP, Scott Brown as VP, and his uber Liberal sister as a possible Supreme Court nominee. Staunch Conservatives were in hospitals with heart fibrillation all over the country after those two fly-bys.

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That’s not to say that the Democrat candidate would beat Trump. With those selections, they might indeed support him. But Trump is certainly somebody the Left could easily go after. The man who wrote The Art of the Deal has made a lot of people crooked, as he has implied “buying off” politicians. FYI to The Donald: buying favors is a bi-directional crime.

So it’s likely The Donald has a few bones buried himself. Dealing with big city governments, union bosses, and a host of other slime balls would make it difficult to keep oneself squeaky clean, despite Trump’s recent proclamation that he has no reason to be repentant. He lives a good life, so why rely on God. Agreed. Why ask God for forgiveness, when you can just go right to the source. The Donald absolves himself of all sin.

I’m seeing a shift, whereby the media is now working with Trump, instead of against him. Stories are now a balancing act between their hatred of Trump, tempered by the media’s knowledge that a man described by Liberal Alan Derschowitz, as “one of the smartest students I ever taught at Harvard” a Harvard-trained lawyer who was the number one debater at the prestigious institution might pose a real threat to the Leftist agenda. In other words, unlike Obama, Cruz is truly brilliant.

Now the media must destroy Cruz. As the Huffington Post put it,

Ted Cruz may wind up becoming Donald Trump’s greatest weapon.

The Republican establishment has spent the last few months warning that the rise of Trump’s presidential candidacy represented a grave threat, not just to the party, but to the country itself. That may still be the case. But in recent weeks, the GOP brass has come face to face with the one man who could make Trump begin to appear appealing: Ted Cruz.

“Cruz has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in D.C., whereas Trump hasn’t, and Trump up until this year was pretty much a player,” said Craig Shirley, a longtime GOP strategist and charter member of the establishment. “Ultimately, the Washington establishment deep down — although they find Trump tacky or distasteful — they think that they ultimately can work with him. Deep down, a lot of people think it is an act.”

To be clear, Cruz has been on a crusade against DC insiders, which is why the Republican establishment hates him.

Then there was this.

There is ample reason for Republican insiders to feel more affinity to the real estate mogul than to the brash Texas tea party senator. As Shirley noted, Washington has spent decades doing business with Trump, if not personally begging him for checks.

Cruz has gone to a businessman who claims he will not be a DC insider and asked for financial help, certainly something that is not out of the ordinary, and Cruz is a bad guy?

I guess next we will find out that Cruz did NOTHING during the siege on Benghazi!

The article continues,

But, mainly, the reason that Republican leaders are moving toward Trump has nothing to do with him. They viscerally, unashamedly loathe Cruz.

I bet they do. The very same Republicans loathe the Tea Party, and the millions of Americans who put them in power only to watch them squander it.

The winds are shifting, and the Democrats know it. The people who follow Trump know it. The Democrats want the Trumpettes to hate Ted Cruz, as that is their ONLY way to win. Get people to not support the ultimate winner.

As I have said, I will vote for ANYBODY who is not a Democrat. I believe the Republican process of getting to the best candidate is working. But I firmly believe the candidate that the Left least wants to face is Ted Cruz.

Cruz will not back down, and that’s going to infuriate the media, and lots of Trumpettes. But in the end, it will be Cruz’s resolve that will win the day. The same way it was for Ronald Reagan. And that’s what really pisses off the Republican establishment and the media.


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