Own a Business: Leftist Say Wear a Cup!

Liberals know nothing about running businesses, unless you count running them into the ground.

The fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives can be seen in how one looks at business. As a Conservative, I’m appreciative of the opportunity a business owner gives me to provide for my family. I recognize the hard work it takes to start a business, and the perseverance and fortitude it takes to make on successful.

Liberals see business quite differently. They see their labor as the reason for the success of the business. Without them, the business couldn’t function. An employer needs employees, right?

So Liberals dismiss everything it took to make the business a success, as well as all the ongoing maintenance it takes. They see somebody else’s business as their social engineering playground, and finagle to get more and more by doing less and less, until the business fails.

And that’s exactly what the new paid parental leave is going to do in California. It will kill businesses.

As reported in the Washington Post,

They say the measure is needed because too many parents can’t afford to lose pay to take time off after a birth or adoption.

Some big companies and government entities already provide such benefits, but smaller businesses argue the action in San Francisco is another expensive mandate they can’t afford.

I know many Conservatives want to feel what Liberals do about parenthood. We want parents to enjoy their newborns. Big companies have made this part of the “comp package” offering some paid leave. But should it be mandatory?

It’s a personal choice to have children. In doing so, shouldn’t the parents be prepared for the fallout, based on their circumstances. It seems that whatever life’s personal choices have now become the responsibility of an employer.

If you didn’t have a job and got pregnant, whose responsibility is it then?

You guessed it: the taxpayer. YOURS.

Currently in the state of California workers receive 55 percent of their pay for up to six weeks to bond with a new child. The money comes from a state insurance program funded by workers. The new measure in San Francisco requires private employers to make up the remainder of a parent’s full pay for six weeks.

The benefit applies to new mothers and fathers who work at least eight hours a week and spend at least 40 percent of their work week within San Francisco boundaries.

So if you’re a business who employs both parents, you lose two employees for six weeks and must make up the 45 percent of their salaries that the insurance you’re paying doesn’t cover.

The argument of the left is how well government treats its “employees.”

People who work for the city and county of San Francisco receive up to 12 weeks of paid leave. Easy to do, when all you have to do is rob the taxpayers to make it so.


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