Meet Leftist Progressive Black Racist Activist Denzel

America is learning very quickly that the racism we hear about so often is almost wholly a creation of the Left. And the biggest racists in America are black Liberals.

Denzel McDonald is a black student who attends the University of Wisconsin. He refers to himself as “King Shabazz,” and is what I call the prototypical ethno-centric racist. McDonald sees racism everywhere, which gets mad press these days, even when there is no racism to be found.

Racist like McDonald then parlay that ethno-centric stupidity into a nice career, with the help of Leftist white enablers. It’s a sick cycle of ignorance, and one that Leftists are far too ready to propagate.

As Campus Reform reported:

The recent arrest of an alleged college vandal has caused an uproar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), where students are calling his arrest an act of white supremacy and racism.

Student Denzel McDonald, who goes by the pen name “King Shabazz,” was arrested last week on 11 counts of vandalism, along with one count of disorderly conduct for threatening a bystander who attempted to intervene, a UW police report confirms. According to the report, McDonald threatened to kill a bystander if he called the police.

Let’s recap.

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A black racist vandalized the college campus where he attends school. He does this, not because the school didn’t let him in, or because he needed state police to make sure he was not harmed. He vandalizes, not because he is the victim of racist acts by anybody, anywhere or at any time. He vandalizes, because he want to promote a narrative.

That narrative is that we should kill cops.

And the idiot white kids who “educations” are paid for mostly by taxpayers, all the arrest of the black provocateur “white supremacy and racism?” The Millennial generation of white kids are nuttier than squirrel turds.

Here are some of the messages left by McDonald:

“Fuck the police,” “White supremacy iz a dizeaze,” “Death to the pigz,” and “The devil iz a white man,” were just a few of the many messages McDonald allegedly painted.

And if I haven’t shown enough irony, here’s a bit more. All the messages left by McDonald were signed, “God.”

The damages cost the university over $4,000 in repairs, and I certainly hope this racist moron is made to pay every cent and then some.

Next, this fool should be kicked out of college.

Finally he should have to attend training to undo all the nonsense this fool has learned from Liberals in wackademia.



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