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Politics is a blood sport, even when you’re not running. The Leftist claim that the Right causes trouble, when in fact these are the morons who block traffic, beat people at rallies, and shoot people after rallies (and about anything else).

Case in point is Wendell Pierce, typical black thick-headed Hollyweird Leftist. He supports Hillary Clinton because it will help his career. What self-respecting black man would choose Hillary Clinton otherwise.

This bonehead entered into a casual conversation with other brain-dead Leftists, these Bernie Sanders supporters, and as reported by The Daily Beast, fist started flying.

Politics ain’t beanbag but, if press reports are to be believed, a well-known Hollywood actor and producer may have thrown more than a multi-colored children’s toy at a couple in Atlanta.

Wendell Pierce, who turned in standout performances for HBO’s The Wire and Treme,was arrested after an altercation early Sunday morning at an Atlanta hotel.

A casual conversation with other two hotel guests reportedly turned tense when the subject of the Democratic presidential primary was broached. The New Orleans native, an ardent supporter of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, allegedly assaulted a woman and her boyfriend at the midtown Loews Hotel around 3:30 a.m. The alleged incident took place in The Lobby, an open bar sandwiched between the guest check-in desk and a restaurant, and a go-to venue for private receptions and after-work cocktails for Atlanta’s business and entertainment class.

Stay classy, Leftists.

Despite the bitter battle between Cruz and Trump people, I have heard of no discussions going to blows.

I’m guessing Jay-Z and Beyonce will not post bail for him, as they did for BLM? But may Bill Clinton will help a brotha out?


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