Black Panther Calls for Slave Masters’ Deaths

Think racism by blacks is non-existent? I bet you didn’t hear much about this racism showcase.

One incident of a white a**hole shooting black people, and the ethno-centric black racists come out. Think Malik Shabazz cares about the enormously disproportionate deaths of whites by blacks? No, because that’s not in the race pimping book.

The New Black Panthers are a hate group. They are dangerous only in their environment, which is the inner city jungles established by white Democrat plantation owners who have carved up the cities, quarantining black Liberals, and providing black overseers.

This video is from a rally in South Carolina, where New Black Panthers and Malik Shabazz called for the death of the Slave Masters, ergo White people. The best part about this is at least Shabazz recognizes that he’s an ignorant slave.

The remarks—delivered about a block from the church where white racist Dylann Roof murdered nine black churchgoers. NBPP leader Malik Zulu Shabazz told the all-black audience of about 250 that “we need to complete” the work of a former slave who wanted to kill as many white people as possible in a revolt.

As for me, since I have no slave masters, I don’t need to kill anybody.

For enabling white Liberals, understand that you will not get through to these morons, so stop trying. Instead of enabling them, they need to be jailed. Inciting this type of violence should be against the law. You can bet that if any Tea Party leader spoke like this, they would be ostracized, and eventually jailed.

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