Cops to Beyonce: Get Black Lives Matter to Provide Security

Michelle Obama may be First Lady, but Beyonce is First Lady of the Streets. And Beyonce is an opportunist, who has done more to harm black America than Barack and Michelle Obama combined, and that’s saying something.

Jay-Z and Beyonce know that black Liberals are easy targets when it comes to profiteering. The thug-culture duo love inciting unrest, as they bailed out Ferguson protesters, and use civil unrest to sell their music.

While the numbers in no way support Black Lives Matter and the nonsense of cops killing young black men in, Beyonce and Jay-Z use the fraudulent narrative to condemn the police for doing their jobs. So as it was in Florida, the police in Pittsburgh are essentially telling Beyonce to get #BlackLivesMatter to do your security:

An upcoming Beyoncé concert is causing controversy in Pittsburgh.

With tens of thousands of fans expected to pack Heinz Field and its surrounding parking lot, a solid public safety plan is priority one for the city when singer Beyoncé come to town at the end of the month.

Some police sources tell KDKA many officers have refused to sign up to work the second-duty detail on May 31.

The chief of Pittsburgh Police says he doesn’t have that information.

“Quite frankly, I’ve been regularly checking with my staff, involved with planning, working with the law department to stay within the parameters of collective bargaining agreement, and my last understanding was we had the event staffed to our satisfaction,” said Chief Cameron McLay.

Law enforcement officials across the country have either boycotted Beyoncé’s “Formation” Tour or condemned the performer for what they call inflammatory lyrics with anti-police sentiments.

I support the police in their effort to make the race pimps like Beyonce pay for their actions. Get private security for your tour. Get the New Black Panthers, as I’m sure they need the money.

The irony of Beyonce is she wouldn’t last a day in the hood. Sure, people initially would be excited, until a few of those solid citizens starts to think of all they could get from her.



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