De Blasio and Former NYPD Chief of Department Implicated in Latest Scandal

When NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the current corruption scandal embroiling the NYPD went to the highest levels of the department, he wasn’t kidding.

The former Chief of Department and highest  ranking uniformed member of the NYPD, Philip Banks III  resigned in 2014 after Bratton tried to promote him to First Deputy Commissioner. You read that right, as Banks resigned due to a promotion.

If you equated the NYPD’s rank and file to the federal government, the Chief of Department would be a 4-star general and his boss, the First Deputy Commissioner, would be like an Undersecretary of Defense.

For Banks, the promotion would have resulted in a pay cut, as you will see. Bratton was aware of how Banks was buttering his bread, and Banks himself complained the promotion would “diminish his power” in managing the department.

As the NY Post reveals:

“Now, The Post can reveal that Banks was the target of an ongoing federal corruption probe when he walked away from his job as one of the most powerful men on the force.

Investigators found ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars in his bank accounts that raised red flags, sources said on Wednesday.”

According to sources of the NY Post, Banks went to the Dominican Republic on golf outings aboard a private jet owned by Hamlet Peralta. Peralta was recently arrested and charged with running a $12 million Ponzi scheme, that even ripped off fellow officers.

Two other men who accompanied Banks on the trip were part of de Blasio’s inaugural team and are subjects of the FBI’s investigation, a scandal that also has de Blasio knee deep in this FBI probe that very well could result in his removal of office.

Banks was one of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s finalists for the job of Police Commissioner when de Blasio became Mayor of New York City.  What makes this odd is that Bratton was tipped off of the FBI’s investigation of Banks in 2013 prior to taking office. So if Bratton knew, it stands to reason that de Blasio certainly must have known. Yet both men wanted to promote Banks.

When Banks, who is black, quit the NYPD, the resignation was criticized by numerous community activists, such as Al Sharpton. The race hustling Sharpton even did press releases criticizing the NYPD and called both Banks and de Blasio in a show of support for Banks. If the charges against Banks are true and he‘s convicted of corruption, it wouldn’t be the first time Sharpton supported a criminal.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots. Big cities are run by crooked Democrat politicians, who are all about money and power. It’s the little people who suffer in the end.

I will keep you up to date on the investigation. Hopefully this crook will end up in jail, and not working for The Clinton Foundation or some other Leftists money-laundering front.

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