Democrats: Acting like sprayed roaches

Hillary Clinton sent a stern message to Bernie Sanders. She said, “Enough is enough!”

I suggest Sanders take the warning seriously, as Hillary Clinton will kill you, order dinner, spread a table clothe over the crime scene, and dine over Sander’s dead body.

The media (and Liberals in general) are truly perplexed at what to do about Bernie Sanders. They’ve tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but that’s difficult when your lip is so swollen from being punched.

Hillary’s reasoning for wanting Sanders to drop out is that she has been down this road. She tried this before with the black dude, and it didn’t work, as she explained to CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

I went all the way to the end against then-Senator Obama. I won nine out of the last 12 contests back in ’08. I won Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia. So I know the intense feelings that arise, particularly among your supporters as you go toward the end. But we both were following the same rules just as both Senator Sanders and I are following the same rules, and I’m 3 million votes ahead of him and I have an insurmountable lead in pledge delegates and I’m confident that just as I did with Senator Obama, where I said, you know what? It was really close. Much closer. Much closer than it is between me and Senator Sanders right now.

Interesting that Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to try something that’s proven not to work, yet she supports all of Obama’s policies?!

Back to Hillary Clinton’s threats. Yes, threats. Because that’s what they are. And now Hillary Clinton finds herself in a precarious situation, even floating the idea of making Sanders her VP. Let’s see, a 70-year old white president and a 74-year old VP. That’s PROGRESSIVE, now isn’t it!

Just when Hillary Clinton was going to make Julian Castro her VP, here comes the 74-year old Jew to throw a wrench in her diabolical plan.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want healing. She wants to pivot to Trump. And in a normal election, Sanders might concede. But Sanders is betting on the other shoe to fall on Hillary. Just too many buzzards circling to get out now. Eventually even the buzzards must dine.

I hope Sanders rejects Killary’s overtures, and forces her to take drastic measures. After all he’s 74-years old, and has lived a good life on the backs of the taxpayers. Why not go out a martyr for the cause!

At this point even if Sanders were to die of natural causes, Hillary Clinton would have to at least be a suspect.

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