Doctors Strike: It Was Bound to Happen

Liberals love to discuss the European healthcare system, because they love systems that fail.

The system fails, because it’s controlled by the government.

And none of the bourgeois Liberals will admit to that failure which is why the American media won’t discuss what we learned from the BBC.

The first-ever all-out doctors’ strike is a “bleak day”, ministers say, but hospitals seem to be coping well during Tuesday’s stoppage in England.

Junior doctors walked out of routine and emergency care at 08:00 BST.

The strike affects A&E, maternity and intensive care for the first time.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt expressed disappointment that the stoppage was taking place, but again said the government would not back down and halt the imposition of the new contract.

The walkout ends at 17:00 BST with further all-out action due to take place on Wednesday, between the same hours, in the protest against the imposition of the new contract from the summer.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Hunt described it as a “very, very bleak day” for the NHS, but said no union had the right to stop a government trying to act on a manifesto promise.

“The reason this has happened is because the government has been unable to negotiate sensibly and reasonably with the BMA.”

Before the strike, government sources had indicated that they could not give in because the row had become political, with the BMA trying to topple the government, and other unions watching the dispute “like hawks”. The BMA described this as ridiculous.

During the stoppage, hospitals can request that junior doctors return to work if needed, but as yet, no NHS trust has raised the alarm.

Can you imagine doctors striking in America? Sure you can, because it’s already happening. How many doctors won’t accept Medicaid? How many doctors have opted out of ObamaCare?

This is what socialized medicine looks like, when it’s disguised as a benevolent entitlement.


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