Hillary Clinton knowingly used unsecured phone

It doesn’t get any clearer than this. Hillary Clinton not only had blatant disregard for national security in her emails, but also in her phone usage.

According to Judicial Watch by the Freedom of Information Act, part of the hidden records that Hillary Clinton and her minions attempted to cover up had to do with an email exchange that took place on February 22, 2009 between Clinton and her then-Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills.

The two attempted to communicate over a secure line after Clinton returned from a trip to Asia, based on the content of the email.  Unable to set up a secure communication, the woman who wants America to believe she’s competent enough to be president, Hillary “Crooked” Clinton told Mills,

“I called ops and they gave me your ‘secure’ cells… but only got a high-pitched whining sound.”

In response, Mills suggested that Clinton try the secure line again. Clinton responded to Mills,

“I give up.  Call me on my home #.”

This is definitive. No wiggle room, no gray area, no equivocation. Hillary Clinton knowingly violated State Department protocol, and national security.

Here is the video of Judicial Watch’s President, Tom Fitton discussing the revelation on FOX News.

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