Hillary Clinton Needs the 74-Year Old Jew’s Help

Bernie Sanders must explain

Hillary Clinton should change her name to “Wounded Duck.”

Sanders all but begged to be knocked out of the presidential race, after firing half his staff, and yet the Democratic Socialists of Indiana resoundingly gave Sanders the victory. What an embarrassment for Clinton, when you consider how lopsided Sanders has been treated by the DNC and the Democratic Party.

Wounded Duck wants to spin the story however, saying instead that she doesn’t want to push Sanders off the stage just yet, and here’s why, according to CNN:

Democrats close to Clinton and the man who could become a top surrogate — President Barack Obama — insist they won’t pressure the Vermont senator to leave. That reluctance is based on fear inside the Democratic establishment that such a move would make it more difficult to unite the party later this year.
Clinton needs the excited supporters that have rallied around Sanders and hopes treating the senator’s campaign respectfully will make them more likely to back her against Trump. Clinton has already started to make overtures to Sanders’ supporters — pledging to support them even if they don’t support her — and campaign aides have said those will continue in the coming weeks.
Clinton on Wednesday told CNN’s Anderson Cooper said she isn’t pushing Sanders to hurry up.
Wounded Duck is the front-runner for the Democrats, but only because (1) she’s running against a self-proclaimed Socialist, (2) she has the powerful Democrat machine, including the media behind her.
But the fact remains, Sanders outdraws Hillary Clinton, he has proven that he can actually build a revolution (of equal idiots) behind him. Hillary Clinton can’t even keep the existing idiots on the ship.

So the idea that she will keep Bernie Sanders around in order to make the transition easier in the end is a dangerous proposition. It’s like Hillary Clinton keeping the hot Venezuelan maid around, just in case the Clintons need a bit more cleaning of one of their mansions. If Hillary’s not too careful, Bill might build the next home in Caracas.