Huffington Post Showcases Liberal Definition of Diversity

Holy Woman’s Movement, look at this photo posted by a HuffPo editors, as she proudly boasts about their lack of men in the room.

Like I have argued, the so-called women’s movement isn’t about making women equal to men (which they already are), but instead about subjugating men to women.

This is a major media outlet who has NO men on their editorial staff. And you can bet that when it was time for lunch, these women dined on the finest men’s testicles.

HuffPo diversity tweet

Does HuffPo want to reach men? What if I told you that three of those women were not really women, would that make it any better?

Look at where Liz Heron has worked, and you get an idea of how the media has become so skewed.

HuffPo Liz Heron

Let’s see:

  • Facebook

  • Wall Street Journal

  • New York Times

  • Washington Post.

Check, check, check, and CHECK!

I won’t be happy until this room is completely filled with transsexual midgets!

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