Joe Biden: I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed

Joe Biden is a parasite. He’s the guy who schemed his entire life, looking for the easiest way out.

We all know somebody like Biden, the idiot who gets the breaks because he excellent at cheating, conniving and so on. These people grow up to become Liberals.

Liberals are do nothing, lying, cheating scoundrels who believe the world thinks like them, acts like them. And when reality hits that they are as worthless as afro wig at a bald man’s convention, they get scared.

Joe Biden is scared. Unlike Barack Obama who do as the Clintons and extort billions from world governments and corporations, Joe Biden didn’t plan accordingly. So as Breitbart reports:

Vice President Joe Biden is worried about facing retirement from public office, and admits to a crowd that he’s never held a private sector job.

“I’ve never been gainfully employed in my life,” he said as the audience laughed. “I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.”

Biden made his remarks during the National Urban League’s Legislative Policy Conference, vowing to work with the organization even after he left office.

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“I’ve never cashed a paycheck in my entire life, you think I’m joking, I’m not,” he added.

He added that he would need “career advice” from some of the people at the conference.

How pathetic is that! In typical Biden fashion, Biden exposes the truth about Progressive Liberal Utopians (Plutopians). They fear things when the jig is up.

What Biden said is true of all these bureaucrats. If it wasn’t for the business of government, most politicians would be unemployable.


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