John McCain and the Meth Lab?

I can admit it. Metaphorically, I was on drugs for a bit. I say this because I supported John McCain in the first election against Obama.

I was fresh into the political scene, and I think somebody spiked my drink, then got me high on meth while I was knocked out.

Like far too many Americans, I was a meth head for McCain. So when I read this story about a real-life drug dealer who supported McCain, I figured out what might have happened.

As Arizona Central reported,

John McCain campaign fundraiser, Emila Pitha was arrest by officers from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. A warrant to search her house revealed that she was operating a meth lab, and she was in possession of other illegal narcotics, such as LSD, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, about $7,000 in loose currency, and counterfeit money.

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A separate building with a hidden room was to be used as a marijuana-grow facility. This woman was a one-stop shop for drugs, to say the least.

The tipoff came when Pitha received mail from the Netherlands containing over 250 grams of MDMA, or raw ecstasy.

Pitha and her boyfriend are now in jail and facing multiple drug charges. They also had a small child, and will face child endangerment charges as well.

Are you feeling better about your delusional support of McCain? It wasn’t your fault!

I know I unknowingly got too close to the wacky weed, which is why I supported his old ass from jump. However never again. I have publicly said that McCain will not be the Senator from AZ after the next election, and he won’t.



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