Latino Lives Matter

The new world is a world of Liberalism. A world where a child walking home from school is brutally attacked and killed.

Normally we could stop at just knowing that a 31 year old man attacked a young boy, knifing him to death. Our questions would not be questions of race, religion, or other motivations, just why?

Was the man mentally disturbed? What could the child possibly have done to provoke such an incident.

But we live in a Liberal world. A world where a 31-year old black man attacked a Latino child. Was there gang involvement? Was there a religious angle, the attacker possibly having converted to Islam?  Was it just plain racially motivated?

Then there are those who would blame the child, and finally those would would offer a plethora of excuses for the attacker, e.g. no father, poor, dejected, homeless, and so on.

Here is the story as CBS reported it ,

A young boy was attacked and stabbed to death on his way home from school Tuesday in north Houston, authorities say.

Police have identified 31-year-old Che Lajuan Calhoun as the suspect in the killing Tuesday of Josue Flores, and have issued a murder warrant for the man

Sgt. Tommy Ruland has called the attack “unprovoked.”

Police provided no information Wednesday on a possible motive or relationship between Josue and Calhoun.

Police say Josue was walking on a sidewalk when a man walked toward him and stabbed him several times.

Witnesses reported seeing the man and the boy struggle before the child collapsed onto some grass, then the suspect ran. A bystander flagged down police. Josue was pronounced dead at a Houston hospital.

You won’t see #BlackLivesMatter condemning this act, nor will you hear of La Raza asking for such condemnation. This child is a casualty of war. Don’t give Conservatives a reason to condemn Liberalism run amuck

.Imagine you’re a parent living in one of these Liberal cesspools known as “cities,” and you are waiting for your child to arrive home, after doing what kids have done for decades…simply walk home. For these parents, their child will never make that walk again, and we may never know the reason.



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