Crooked Hillary and Other Leftist Fakes

Recently I saw a video where a group of students in Sweden were asked about “identity politics.”

They were asked if would be ok for an obvious woman to declare herself a man, and they all wussed out and said, “Sure. Why not! It would be weird, but if she wants to declare herself a man, then so be it.”

Then the question was asked by the female reporter, “What would you say if I declared myself to be Japanese?”

The very same students mostly paused, and said something along the lines of, “I would question you about that.”

A few went on to explain that the very Swedish-looking girl in no way looked Japanese.

This made me think of Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, and other lying Leftist, who believe they can be whatever they want to be.For Warren, she said she was told that she was Indian. No verification, just belief. So Warren got cushy jobs that were earmarked for minorities.

Dolezal flat out pretended to be black, and threatened all whites who knew she was lying, including her family members.

And then there is the biggest liar of all…Hillary Clinton. She wants people to believe that she is (1) qualified, and (2) nice. Hillary Clinton is a bitch. It’s long overdue for somebody to say this, but we all know it’s what we have been thinking. She’s been called bossy, and I’ve publicly called her a shrew. But Hillary Clinton is the prototypical bitch. Her mold is at the factory, and the factory is spitting our more bitches every day.

Hillary Clinton has a public persona that has had more work than Michael Jackson’s face and Kim Kardashian’s ass combined. And she’s still despised.

What I figured out is that “identity politics” for the Left is their ability to be whatever they want to be. The jury is still out on whether anybody can get away with playing minorities. In America it seems to be ok. I believe that people know that Hillary Clinton is neither competent nor nice. That little game of pretend is about end, once Hillary Clinton is officially on Trump Island.

Something tells me that Hillary Clinton will be made to show her real identity, once Trump begins his attacks. I’m anxious to see Crooked Hillary get in the fight.

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