Let’s Compare American Atrocities to the Rest of the World

We need to talk more about world affairs as they compare to America. Because Leftist want people to believe that America is heartless. We don’t care about the poor, the downtrodden of other countries, and whatever other special interests the Left is trying to steal money for.

The truth is evident: America is the greatest country in the world in ALL aspects of life, bar none.

We don’t have terrorist groups like Boko Haram running around kidnapping young girls, and holding them as sex slaves for some group. Imagine if the Tea Party did what Boko Haram did, then you might get a sense of what I’m trying to explain.

America doesn’t have a group like ISIS running around cutting off the heads of Muslims. Imagine for one second if we did, what would the Left say? How would the United Nations be reacting to such a group? Put another way, “What would that cost us?!”

Yet in Mexico,a panel of international experts has accused Mexico’s government of obstructing an investigation into the fate of 43 trainee teachers believed massacred in 2014.

Recall that this case involved missing students, and remains Mexico’s most notorious human rights case in recent years. It is theorized that corrupt police in 2014 handed the student teachers over to drug gang henchmen in the southwestern city of Iguala. These drug gangs believed the trainees had been infiltrated by a rival gang, so they killed them, and burned them at a rubbish dump in the nearby state of Guerrero.

Those trying to get to the bottom of this reportedly had been blocked from re-interviewing suspects, investigations had not been followed up and there had been delays in gathering evidence. The panel which has handed over a report commissioned by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has now left the country.

In case you see a pattern here, as in Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, you begin to get the picture of how corrupt governments work. Perhaps under Liberals, America too may one day be able to hide its international atrocities.




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