Meet the White Republican Who Saved Baltimore Mayor’s Butt

The most incompetent people in America are black Liberal politicians. Look at the destruction Barack Obama has caused the United States, and that moron believes he saved the country.

This is true of ALL black Liberals. The dumbest people on the planet, bar none. They seem to want to live in squalor as our ancestors did, oh wait, still do in Africa.

From president on down, black Liberal incompetence is on full display, and no place showcases that better than Baltimore.

As Hot Air reported, black Liberal Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fought tooth and nail against the newly elected Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan from saving the city of Baltimore from the bottom-feeders:

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wasn’t exactly grateful for the assistance she received as the city descended into chaos. (Baltimore Sun)

During remarks at the center-right American Action Forum in Washington, the Republican governor said he first called Rawlings-Blake last April offering help after an aide showed him footage of a burning police car. He called again three hours later with two options: He would sign an executive order sending in the National Guard at her request, or he would sign one sending it in at his.

“I think it’s better for you and better for me if we go with the first one,” Hogan recalled telling the mayor. “But either way, we’re … taking over.”

Hogan said Rawlings-Blake told him she needed more time, and when he refused, she asked for 15 minutes to think over her options.

“She called me back, and she said, ‘Since you’re holding a gun to my head, and since you’re going to do it anyway, I guess I’ll ask you to come in,’” Hogan said. “And then we came in, saved the city, and we never got a thank-you.

Rawlings-Blake had to have a gun put to her head in order to protect the citizens of Baltimore.

Prior to this, Rawlings-Blake said she had things under control.

Hogan said that when he first called the mayor, she assured him that everything was under control. He recalled telling her that “it doesn’t look like everything’s under control. It looks like the city’s on fire.”

He said that the National Guard’s “overwhelming presence had a chilling effect on the rioters. They all went scurrying home and didn’t want to cause any more violence because we had an overwhelming display of force.”

It took an overwhelming show of force to get the animals off the streets of Baltimore, and when the National Guard showed up, the streets were safe, temporarily.

But Stephanie Rawlings-Blake didn’t even bother to thank the white Republican man who saved her incompetent ass. That’s Liberalism for you. Always looking for a white knight…to blame!

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