Mexico Scared of Getting Trumped

The New York Times had an article about the steps Mexican politicians are taking in response to a looming Trump administration. You can imagine what they’re saying. The rhetoric of false equivalency, because a porous border rife with drugs, human trafficking, violent crime, and illegal immigration is simply tourism and a business deal. Us turning a blind eye to our own safety and security has been a financial boon for Mexico. It’s been an unspoken agreement. But then Trump stormed onto the scene and upset the apple cart.

Whatever concerns one might have with Trump, he blasted through the wall of political correctness, and social justice crusaders are in a bit of a panic over it. He’s kind of a reverse Superman, political kryptonite only makes him stronger. You can almost imagine every other Republican candidate secretly wishing they had ignored everything a six-figure salary campaign adviser ever told them. Good or bad, Trump almost effortlessly capitalized on the very real anger Americans are feeling watching us descend into progressive dystopia while the Republican Party placated us.

Mexican officials are concerned that even if Trump loses, he’s permanently altered the political landscape of America. Our resentment towards the neighbor that ships their problems north, and the politicians who play along for either cheap labor or a permanent lower class voting bloc has reached a boiling point. Mexico has all the concern of a gold digger at risk of losing her meal ticket. If Trump becomes president, the obscenely corrupt Mexican government gets kicked off the gravy train. The cascade of dirty money flowing south to the cartels, traffickers, and government officials on the take could very well be cut off.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox posted a clip of himself to Twitter:

Ha! Donald,” Mr. Fox said, holding the phone perhaps a little too close to his face. “What about your apologies to Mexico, to Mexicans in the United States, to Mexicans in Mexico?

{Crotch grab} Here’s your apology!

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Mr. Fox’s voice is among a growing, certainly coordinated chorus of influential Mexicans worried about what a Trump victory could mean for the complicated relationship between the United States and Mexico — not to mention the impact Mr. Trump’s presidential bid may have already had. Our relationship is indeed “complicated”. That’s code for how Mexico has taken advantage of us courtesy of our traitorous leadership.

There is a modern Reconquista movement to reconquer the southwestern United States, one of the main proponents of which is the extremely racist (even in their name) La Raza.

The two countries are now enjoying one of the more harmonious periods in a turbulent history. But many in Mexico fear that the friendship would rupture should Mr. Trump win the election and follow through on his threats to undo the North American Free Trade Agreement, force Mexico to pay for the construction of a wall between the countries by interrupting remittances and deport the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, about half of whom are Mexican.

“His threat is cataclysmic, I think, for Mexico,” Enrique Krauze, a Mexican historian and literary magazine editor, said in an interview. “What it would mean for bilateral trade, in social terms, in the tearing of families, in the trauma, the collective panic, the opening of old wounds.”

Hmm, why is our relationship so “harmonious” right now? Is that because we’ve been your sucker all this time while you dumped record numbers of illegals, especially children, at our doorstep as if America is an orphanage? Imagine if Mexico couldn’t export its criminals and impoverished; It would be cataclysmic! But that is not America’s fault.

Telling someone that they can’t break-in to our country is not xenophobic, and in fact it’s patriot. So the question in here is why do we have to continuously put ourselves out? These officials keep using words like partnership. I call BS.

And you think that with all that illegal immigration has do to help Mexico, the least they could do is make sure that no terrorists enter America. Talk about slapping the hand that feeds you! Some partner, wouldn’t you say?.

I don’t understand why the American public is buying this,” he [Vincente Fox] continued, pain in his voice. “We are partners, we are neighbors, and we should be friends. He’s dividing not only American society, but he’s dividing two nations.

The textbook spin of a parasite. Mexico, if our border situation isn’t a problem and Donald Trump is a racist agitator, why did our Border Patrol’s union endorse him? I believe that is an endorsement one can take to the bank. I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to give an opinion on the subject.

Why does he pick on Mexico?

Perhaps because Mexico has broken into his home, raided the frig, and screwed the pooch one time too many, Vincente.

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