ObamaCare and Gay Men

When you consider how much time Obama has spent on the LGBT community, you begin to understand ObamaCare better. The legislation is punishment to the Right.

The government has used its bully pulpit in a lot of areas. Michelle Obama had her fitness campaign to help America’s fatties, particularly children. America’s poor children were subjected to meals of cardboard and water in an effort to whip them into good health.

And it didn’t stop with the kids, as rumors persist that the government will measure body mass index in rating health, likely in an effort to extort more money from rich fatties in paying more for ObamaCare.

The government has attacked smokers, the cost of a pack of cigarettes exceeding a decent amount of cocaine. Then there was Bloomberg limiting sugar consumption, putting “warning” labels on food, and there are other examples. All this in the name of public health. Yet the public health crisis created by the LGBT has gone untouched.

As ABC News points out,

Three out of every 10 gay or bisexual men in several cities in the U.S. South have been diagnosed with the AIDS virus, three times the national rate, according to a study about how common HIV infections are in metro areas.

The study echoes other research that reported higher rates of HIV diagnoses in the South, in urban areas, and in gay and bisexual men, but it is the first to look at how common HIV diagnoses are in these men by city.

“For the first time, we can see not only the numbers, but the proportions,” said Dr. Jonathan Mermin of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report found 21 of the 25 metro areas with the highest levels of HIV diagnosis in gay and bisexual men were in the South. HIV was diagnosed in about 3 in 10 gay and bisexual men in El Paso, Texas; Augusta, Georgia; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In Jackson, Mississippi, the rate was 4 in 10, the highest in the nation.

According to the report, about 11 percent of gay and bisexual men had been diagnosed living with an HIV infection nationwide during the time covered by the study.

This by any definition is a crisis.

In the 80’s with the alarm bell was sounded on HIV/AIDS, the LGBT lobby fought hard against the stigma of HIV/AIDS being a gay man’s disease. The result was Americans became desensitized, even as gay men were dying in droves. The unfortunate reaction by many was to say, “Who cares!” or “They deserve it.” As Americans we should care about anything killing our citizens, regardless of the issues.

But then there were the Bs in the LGBT community. The men and women who go “both ways.” Truth be told, this group was the epicenter of HIV/AIDS for the general population. The sexually self-indulgent who spread the disease to the NOT Gay population. The NOT Gay population were the unwitting partners of people too unchaste, too reckless to simply tell their sexual partners about their B status.

Today, we celebrate these liars, like the not so long ago admission by NBA player Jason Collins. Collins came out gay, as he dumped his very female fiancee, who says she had no idea about Jason’s sexuality.

So the NOT Gay taxpaying American is again made to pay for the LGBT community’s debauchery. And ObamaCare is their weapon of choice.

ObamaCare has become the reparations weapon of choice, not only to blacks, but also to gays.


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