Piers Morgan on the Trump Train?

Remember Piers Morgan, uber Liberal who got himself kicked off American TV because he hates our guns.

The very same Piers Morgan who replaced venerable Larry King, then scuttled the ship is now apparently on the Trump Train,

Morgan wrote wrote recently,

“He’s been very tough on the key issues about which many millions of Americans crave toughness from their current leaders but don’t feel they’re getting it: immigration, terrorism, jobs and China,”

“Trump hasn’t mucked about, he’s gone straight for the rhetoric jugular; screaming for his Wall to stop illegal Mexicans entering the country, a short-term Muslim ban ‘to figure out what’s going on’ with Islamic fundamentalists, a ‘devastating’ blitz to ‘wipe out’ ISIS, and new trade deals to stop China’s ‘rape’ of the U.S. economy and labor markets.”

“His messages are short, simple, explosive and eye-catching. That, whatever your view of his comments, is good politics.”

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That’s a good synopsis of the politics of Trump. He’s been straight to the point. And unlike other politicians, Trump is likely genuine in what he will try to accomplish, presuming he surrounds himself with like-minded business people who won’t go political on us.

Morgan went on to discuss Trump’s style in handling the heretofore unrelentingly Liberal media, and his use of social media.

“I loved Trump’s tweets long before he ran for president because they were so outrageous, amusing and provocative…I assumed he’d tone them down once he entered the race, but if anything he’s been even more controversial.”

“With nearly eight million followers now, Trump’s got the perfect platform to vent his wrath, humour and political beliefs.”

Finally, in very non-Liberal form, Morgan seemed to understand that the tactics being deployed against Trump by Liberals are “fascist,” which of course they are. When is the last time Conservatives crashed a Democrat event, trashed cars, blocked traffic, and so on?

I suspect that like Morgan, many other Liberals are taking a cold, hard look at what’s happening among their intolerant brethren, and they will be looking at Trump as an alternative.




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