QOTD: Trump’s Running Mate & Cabinet? Our Choices Are…

Who should Donald Trump choose as a running mate?

Should he pander to women?

Should he go with a proven legislator, for example a governor?

Should Trump confound the pundits and pick a non-political type, for example a retired general?

Our team picked General Petraeus.

We feel this choice will keep the Hillary Clinton email scandal (deepening, by the way) front and center, as well Benghazi. Nobody can argue with Petraeus’ foreign policy experience, and he actually did land planes amid ground fire, unlike Hillary Clinton.

Final point: Petraeus would likely lead the team that would put Hillary Clinton behind bars! What about other cabinet spots?

Carson for DHS or Surgeon General?

Christie for Attorney General (only if he agrees to prosecute Hillary Clinton and potentially Barack Obama)?

What about Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court?

Is there a place for the Old Guard like Newt Gingrich, Ambassador Bolton?

Allen West for Secretary of Defense?

Give us your thoughts…

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