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For me, it is not news that some institutional, aka establishment Republicans are now said to be coming around to presumptive GOP nominee Trump.

What are their alternatives. They are after all, politicians.

Politicians are scum. All their decisions are calculated.

After Trump’s meeting with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, we are told that the meeting was successful. How could it not be, right? Trump knows the art of the deal. He’s a negotiator.

In a press release posted to Trump’s campaign website, it was announced that the chairmen of nine major House committees were officially endorsing the celebrity Trump for president. The list is as follows:

Steve Chabot, Ohio (Small Business), Michael Conaway, Texas (Agriculture), Jeb Hensarling, Texas (Financial Services), Candice Miller, Michigan (House Administration), Jeff Miller, Florida (Veterans’ Affairs), Tom Price, Georgia (Budget), Pete Sessions, Texas (Rules), Bill Shuster, Pennsylvania (Transportation and Infrastructure), and Lamar Smith, Texas (Science, Space and Technology).

Soon Paul Ryan will get on board, because he is under fire, and rightfully so for not immediately endorsing Trump, thus giving the Democrats a few more minutes of air.

All this, and the media said that Trump had a bad week. More on this coming…


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