Sanders Scuttles College

Sanders Scuttles College

If you want a glimpse of what an America will look like under Bernie Sanders, look at what this college looked like under his wife.

According to The Week,

Burlington College will close on May 27 due to “the crushing weight of the debt” that the school incurred while Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, was running the institution, The Burlington Free Press reports.

Jane Sanders ran the school between 2004 and 2011; in 2010 she took out $10 million in loans to purchase a 32-acre swath of land in order to establish a new campus on Lake Champlain. As Heat Street reports, Sanders was not able to reach her fundraising goals or commitments, and less than a year later the school was under crushing debt. Sanders left the college the next year.

The college is gone, but Jane Sanders is doing quite well, in fact on the payroll of her husband’s campaign.

Socialism scorches the earth behind it, as it finds more earth to burn.

Moral of the story: Socialists can’t manage finances, even with other people’s money.



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