Screw You Paul Ryan

As much as I can’t stand Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, that shrew has enough sense not to go against the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party.

Yet Paul Ryan recently committed what I believe is the unforgivable sin, when he commented that he needed to see more from Donald Trump, before he could get on board the Trump train. See more of what?

Ryan implies that the Republicans are (1) Conservative, and (2) representing the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. These nutless pansies have ruined the Republican Party, and they want to make Trump the scapegoat.


Nice try, Paul. Trump has discussed protecting our border from Mexicans and Muslims, while Ryan and other RINOs have looked for compromise on issues we already compromised Conservatives out of the game. How many more illegals do we need flooding our hospitals and schools, and wrecking our economy? How many more Muslim terrorist cells, before Ryan thinks we have reached saturation.

Ryan walks around DC like the big swinging…well, you know…when in fact he’s a eunuch. Ryan is damn near a bigger Obama supporter than Michelle. Let’s look at the facts.

These Republican morons helped Obama pass a $4.1 TRILLION budget, and have capitulated on immigration, taxes, foreign policy, and the farce of global climate change. Further, they can’t convict these Democrat criminals of anything, when they have massive amounts of evident.

Whether it’s the IRS scandal, the VA killing veterans, Obama’s green energy campaign payback crony capitalism, Hillary Clinton being AWOL during Benghazi and giving away secrets by email, Obama and Holder running guns into Mexico, and a host of other scandals, and the Democrats has come out virtually unscathed; not even a paper cut or a wrist slap.

The Democrat voters obviously are willing to tolerate public sodomy by Obama and his ilk, but for Conservatives, we’ve had enough, and it’s Lorena Bobbit time!

So whip it out, Ryan, and watch what happens. Conservative America, the people who put “Republic” in Republican are tired of the fake Republicans setting the rules. In case Ryan, et al haven’t noticed, the rules no longer apply. Trust me: the Democrats will get the memo soon.


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