Proponents of Sharia Law Should be Banned from serving in Government

Personally, I’d love to see Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren get a public beating at the hands of a Muslim man, because they violated Sharia Law.

That’s reality TV I would actually pay for, and I’d have a house full of friends over to celebrate that whooping. Nevertheless, as much as I despise those lying Leftist feminists, I must protect them from themselves, and fight against Sharia Law.

16 states in America have banned Sharia Law. It’s only temporary, as when Muslims have the numbers, they will slowly begin to erode those states’ laws, and you will see Sharia Law practiced eventually.

Those states that have signed legislation are: Alabama (two bills), Arkansas, Florida (two bills), Indiana (two bills), Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi (four bills), Missouri, (two bills), North Carolina, Oklahoma (seven bills), South Carolina (two bills), Texas (six bills), Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming (two bills).

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Though I applaud those states for temporarily avoiding the Muslim hordes, it should be pointed out that Sharia Law is illegal by our Constitution, and thus wholly unnecessary, if it weren’t for Liberals.

Though their existing laws theoretically prohibited Sharia Law as well, in the European Union and the United Kingdom Sharia Law and courts are integrated and allowed. Halal foods are forced on public sector and promoted in the food industry.
In Finland, to battle the exponential increase in rape of Finnish women by Muslim men, they merely run Public Service Ads explaining to women to “Just say ‘No'” to Muslim rapists.
If that’s not bad enough, other EU regions offer “flirting” classes to immigrants, one can only guess to soften the blow of the eventual rape. Perhaps a victim doesn’t feel as bad, if she is at least made to feel wanted before being ravaged by an animal.

London just elected it’s first Muslim mayor, and he proudly boasts his plan to allow more Muslim terrorists Liberals call “refugees” into the country.

In America our fight is not with the Muslims, but a far worse enemy within America: Liberals. Shariah Law is fundamentally incompatible with American’s basic principles of individual rights. However even if this barbaric doctrine were compatible, it still would simply be “unconstitutional!”

Individual states knowing full well of Obama’s propensity for lawlessness, have decided to “legislatively” ban any kind of Islamic Law, just to add emphasis to the existing national Constitution. But we need to go a step further. We need to prevent from serving in government, any proponent of Sharia Law or any other non-Constitutional law that is not approved by the Republic that is America.



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