This Sheriff Kicks Some Liberal Butt

As it turns out even the most Liberal circuit court on the planet, backed Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The backdrop to this story is banditos venture from Mexico coming into the United States illegally, thus making them criminals. They go on to do even more damage to American citizens and the economy by committing the crime of identity theft.

I worked on a project for the then Immigration and Naturalization Service where we did fingerprint analysis of employees in order to protect employers from hiring illegals (Note to Liberals: hiring illegals is AGAINST THE LAW!). At one employer we found that over 100 illegals had used the same person’s social security number.

The fastest growing crime in America (perhaps the world) is identity theft, and it can cost a person thousands of dollars to fix, while simultaneously upending their lives.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio recognized that many Americans were falling victim to identity theft, job losses, and the host of other problems that occur when we don’t enforce the laws, and the Left came down on him like the hammer of Thor.

That all ended when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said a lower court judge was wrong to conclude that two Arizona identity theft laws were likely unconstitutional on their face, a move the lower court (full of LibTurds) used to justify a preliminary injunction Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery enforcing the existing laws on the books!

Since Arpaio began the program back in 2008, the workplace raids have led to the arrests of more than 700 undocumented workers for identity theft. This is a big deal, because the Left doesn’t see sneaking into a country as being illegal, but identity theft raises the stakes, and the likelihood the criminal will be deported.

Let’s show Sheriff Joe some support, as he is not sure if he will reinstate the raids.

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