Shouting Allahu Akbar by Non-Muslims is NOT Politically Correct

You want to know why the world knows to run when they hear “Allahu akbar?” It’s because when you hear those Arabic words, it might be the last thing you hear.

We reported recently on an ABC show where the “terrorist” shouts, “Make America great again!” Nice try!

The Muslim death cry is “Allahu akbar,” pure and simple. We know this, because in the many atrocities committed by those practicing the “religion of peace”, they vicious killer shout those very words.

But the PC police don’t like that we know the obvious. So in the UK, we learn that when police were doing a mock attack and shouted the words of 98 percent of the world’s terrorists, they were reprimanded as we learn here:

Greater Manchester police have apologised after a fake suicide bomber shouted “Allahu Akbar” during a simulated terrorist attack at one of the UK’s biggest shopping centres.

More than 800 volunteers took part in the training exercise at the Trafford Centrein Manchester on Monday night. The mock attack, which took five months to plan, was designed to be similar to the marauding-style Paris and Brussels atrocities.

The assistant chief constable, Garry Shewan, released a statement on Tuesday, apologising for linking the exercise with Islam, after the police were criticised on social media following the drill. “Allahu Akbar” means God is greatest in Arabic.

Yet again, more PC BS. Maybe the next time Manchester law enforcement do the drill, they can shout, “Make America great again!” Lord knows when you hear that, Liberals want to kill everybody within earshot.


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